The escape rooms can be played by teams of two to maximum six persons. Are you with more than 12 persons, contact us by mail so that we can secure timeslots for you.
Our escape rooms are suitable for players from 16 years onwards. An exception is possible for children as from 12 years old if they are accompanied by one or more adults.
We ask the participants to arrive 15 minutes before the reserved starting time of the game. Just before the start, the roommanager wil give some explanations about the game.
No serious physical efforts are necessary, but due to the existence of stairs and small passages, wheel-chair users can unfortunately not participate. Highly pregnant women and persons with a pacemaker or epilepsy are advised against participation. Our escape rooms are not creepy, not even for persons with claustrophobia. By pushing on the emergency button, you can leave the room at any moment.
The escape games can be played in English, Dutch and French. For some hints and documents a basic knowledge of English is necessary.
The escape room can be cancelled free of charge until 72 hours prior to the start. Within 72 hours prior to the start, 60 euro will be charged.
It is forbidden to give away whatever detail of the riddles and games after you played the game. Each participant engages him or herself to respect the pledge of secrecy.
Tariffs have been determined based on the number of participants.

  • 2-3 players (experienced players): 100 euro
  • 4 players: 110 euro
  • 5 players: 120 euro
  • 6 players: 130 euro