terms & conditions

These general conditions apply to all persons participating in escape room activities of Amazing Escape Brugge. Nothing in these general conditions is supposed to affect your legal rights.
Making a reservation and consequently, participating in an escape game of Amazing Escape can only if you agree with these general conditions. This is done by ticking in the reservation form the appropriate box that you agree with the general conditions of Amazing Escape.

All agreements are subject to and are interpreted according to Belgian legislation, and Belgian courts exclusively deal with all disputes.

Each reference to the website implies a reference to all URL’s that are owned by Amazing Escape.

Booking of an escape game is done online, via our booking page on amazingescape.be. By making a reservation the group agrees with the general conditions.
The person, who makes the booking of the escape game, is responsible for entering the correct data on the online booking form.
After the online booking has been made, you will receive within 10 minutes a confirmation mail. In case of doubt or if you did not receive this mail, you can contact us via info@amazingescape.be.

Identity proof
In order to be allowed to Amazing Escape Brugge, the room manager can ask the person who made the booking to identify oneself and confirm the complete name.

Tarifs have been established based upon the number of participants. The escape rooms have been conceived for teams of two to six persons.

The team, including all the participants, is expected 15 minutes sharp before the start of the reserved timeslot (and not earlier). This way there will be enough time to welcome you and to allow the room manager to give the participants explanations about the game and the safety.
If a group comes more than a quarter of an hour too late, the room manager can decide to cancel the game.

Cancellation is only possible via the mail address info@amazingescape.be and is only free of charge until 72 hours before the start of the game. After that 60 euro is charged for the cancellation cost.
Amazing Escape has the possibility to cancel or change until 24 hours before the start the reservation. In case of cancellation, the total amount will be paid back (in case of payment in advance) within 30 days.

The escape games are suitable for players from 16 years on. An exception is possible for children aged 12 and up if they are accompanied by one or more adults.

By pushing the emergency button, each participant can leave the room at any moment.
In our escape rooms no great efforts are necessary, but because of the presence of stairs and at times small passages in the rooms, wheelchair users cannot participate. Also highly pregnant women and persons with a pacemaker or epilepsy are advised against participation.
If the room manager has any doubts about the physical or mental state of a person wishing to participate, Amazing Escape has the right to refuse access to this person.
Also, when the room manager suspects that a person is under influence of alcohol or drugs, he has the right to refuse access to that person.
Participation to our escape game is always at your own risk. Damage because of injuries occurred during the game cannot be recovered from Amazing Escape.
There is a total smoke ban in the entire building of Amazing Escape. Any kind of smoking is not allowed. It is also forbidden to bring in food or drinks.

There are safety cameras in the different escape rooms. The roommanager keeps an eye on the rooms with a view to vandalism or other inappropriate things. Instructions of the room manager have to be observed immediately. If this falls on deaf ears, the room manager reserves the right to end the game. The cameras also serve the safety of the participants: in case of emergency the room manager can e.g. open the door directly or put on all lights.

Each participant obliges oneself to behave reasonable. The challenges in the escape games are mainly mental exercises. From time tot time items have to be moved or shoved aside, but never great force is necessary to do this. Each excessive use of manpower is therefore considered to be vandalism. Also scrawling on items, removing glue or screws is considered to be vandalism. Objects, for which there is an indication that they are no part of the game, never need to be touched. Should these rules be violated, Amazing Escape reserves the right to recover the damage on the causer, with a minimum of 50 euro indemnity cost.
In case of theft the police will be called in.

In order to avoid cheating, some aids such as tablets, calculators, keys and writing material are not allowed. Matches and lighters are forbidden. Due to the nature of the game no photos or movies may be taken in the escape rooms.
The room manager will therefore ask before the start of the game to leave all smartphones, smart watches, cameras, backpacks, and so on in a locker, which can be locked.
If the room manager notices during the video monitoring that such a device has been brought into the room and that there is an attempt to cheat, the room manager can end the game immediately.
Of course, participants can bring along their (reading) glasses.

Objects in the escape room that are marked with a red prohibition sign, are no part of the game. Players are not allowed to touch or remove these objects.

We offer the participants the possibility to put personal belongings in lockers. Amazing Escape is not responsible for damage to and or theft of personal belongings.

In order that the escape games remain a nice experience for others, it is not allowed to share puzzles and games afterwards. Each participant commits oneself to respect the confidentiality obligation.
All games and tasks, including the interior design are protected by copyright.

In order to provide an optimal service Amazing Escape collects and keeps personal data of the subscriber and the participants which are provided through the website, e-mail fax, telephone… Moreover, Amazing Escape registers all necessary data that allow her to invoice the ordered activity correctly.

All the data that Amazing Escape collected and keeps are not released to third parties, unless explicit agreement of the subscriber.

The website www.amazingescape.be has been compiled with the utmost care. Amazing Escape can change information, such as prices and availability anytime. We can consequently not guarantee that all information is accurate and faultless; neither can we be held responsible for faults or inaccuracies in the information provided. You need to verify the information provided anytime before acting according to the provided information.

May 2018. The general conditions are subject to change.